Violet Stars

Transform your energy
Be your soulful self

Are you feeling lost or confused? Are you at a crossroads in your life? 

In this busy and stressful world it can be easy to focus on the problems around us. Juggling commitments at work and home, balancing relationships, managing a healthy body and mind can be challenging and even overwhelming.

Energy Transformation

Energy Transformation works by reading your energy and locating the root cause of any anxiety, stress, illness, frustration, or grief, and gently clearing these lower vibrational frequencies. This offers the opportunity to live a happier life as you start to heal your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In your one to one session with me, I will read your personal pattern. This can include: 

• Ancestral patterns (DNA).

• Past life experiences. 

• Womb / Birth / Childhood trauma.

• Physical body energy blocks - these are a build up of continued and intense vibrations. 

• Relationships with yourself and others. 

• Land / Property / Environment.


Free yourself from the past, live in the present and create your future happiness.