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Transform Your Soul Experience


Getting To The Roots

You may have questions about a current life circumstance, or feel that you are at a crossroads in your life and need some clarity or support to make a decision. 


What is Energy Transformation 

Energy Transformation works by reading your energy and locating the root cause of any anxiety, stress, illness, frustration, or grief, and gently clearing these lower vibrational frequencies. 


Each session is different, you may have specific intentions or you might be happy for me to bring forward what needs to be healed and heard for you at this time.

What to expect in your session
In your one to one session with me, I will read your soul's pattern. This can include: 

• Ancestral patterns (DNA).

• Past life experiences. 

• Womb, birth or childhood trauma.

•Physical body energy blocks - continued intense vibrations. 

• Relationships with yourself and others. 

• Environment, land or property.

These sessions tend to take 1 - 2 hours, starting with an initial consultation. 

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