Looking after your mindful self in three simple steps …

We often hear that word mindful. What does it even mean? It means being present in the moment.


Leading busy lives, working, raising a family, keeping relationships on track, juggling finances, taking care of your loved ones, can all be pretty exhausting and at times overwhelming. So how do we actually cope with all these life experiences? Are you aware of how much you are carrying in your mind? Is it time for you to let go of a few thoughts or beliefs that have become too heavy or obsolete? I know only too well how it feels to carry the world on your back.


So if you’re ready to change your life and let go of all the things that are holding you back, and find out how, it’s time to … STOP … take a moment and ask yourself what am I doing and why am I doing it? Only then can you really receive the answers to the situation. Whether you find them yourself or need some guidance doesn’t matter - the point is to understand what is going on for you, then to find a solution how to best deal with it ... if you need further clarity, then click the button and book some time.

Daily Morning Intentions

Morning - use the SEE method S tart your day with an attitude of gratitude E ach moment be present with yourself E nvironmental awareness Start with a positive flow of energy This exercise will start your day with an attitude of gratitude for what you already have, as you expand into every cell of your body, with the intent of keeping them happy: Before your physical eyes begin to open become aware of being in your body.
Take a breath and focus on your energy as you begin to welcome in the day.

Thank you for my beautiful body that allows me to move around.
Thank you for all the internal systems within it that function together.
Thank you for my cells that receive my expanding loving energy.

I step into my day with a feeling of lightness and freedom.
I step into my day with excitement and wonder.
I step into my day with a smile that stays.

Daily Lunchtime Intentions

Lunch - EAT to feed your soul E nergy boost to your whole being A llow your mind to empty and clear T ogether your whole being can digest and process with ease Use this exercise to keep you focused on being aligned and in flow with yourself:

Take a break from the morning’s experiences.
Find a space that is away from your usual place.
Take a deep slow inward breath as you visualise it filling every cell in your body, letting go slowly on the outward breath (do this, as many times as you need, until you become calm and focused within yourself).

Repeat as many times as you need:
I am present in my body.
I am present in my mind.
I am present in my energy.

Feel your energy vibrations flowing with ease as they expand with every breath.

I choose to let go of all energy, thoughts and feelings that do not align with my truth.
I choose to give them no further attention.
I choose to focus on giving … from a place … of clarity.


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Daily Evening Intentions

Evening - AIM for living in flow A spire to write one thing from your day I nternally focus on your feelings M y heart is open to love This exercise will give you clarity on the areas that need your attention, for you to work on by yourself, or with your mentor: Always allow your energy to slow and calm before sleeping. This is a wonderful time for you to take a few notes of some thoughts, feelings, actions and words that did not serve you during your day. Repeat:
I am grateful for all the experiences that showed up today.
I am grateful for all my loved ones in my life.
I am grateful that I can share my life with them.
I now sleep soundly with the knowing I have done the best I can. For some of you it may be far more challenging to let go of your thoughts, feelings, actions and words. If this is happening for you it may mean there are deeper rooted reasons and need expert guidance to find the solution. You can always look at some of the treatment options I offer.