I am truly grateful to receive words of thanks from my clients ...

I met Sandra during a time of stress and worry. Though outwardly confident, my self-doubt had built to such an extent that I did not trust my own instincts. I questioned the value of every decision I had to make from ‘what should I eat for breakfast?’ to ‘What am I doing with my career?’  I felt like a scratched record, stuck on a loop, unable to play a melody.  
Sandra’s kind demeanour, caring nature and intuitive gifts have opened up a world of possibility to me. I feel as though a veil has been lifted. My days are no longer filled with fear and anxiety but rather hope and optimism about all the known and unknown joys of life.
I hasten to add, I have tried a range of medical and holistic treatments, I am not religious, I am well-read, if anything I am a perpetual critic. But one thing I am not any more is fearful. If you are sitting on a fence somewhere, pop down for a moment and visit Sandra - it will not be time wasted. 
D.B. – London​

I first went to Sandra in October 2015, after suffering a number of pregnancy losses.  I felt at the time pretty beaten, under attack and frightened of becoming pregnant again.

I had a couple of healing sessions that looked into and healed my past lives, as well as cleared ancestral paths that were hindering me from becoming a mother.  Sandra also gave me tips and exercises to do myself.  I always felt safe during these sessions and straight away I felt better.  I kept a notebook and wrote the following after my first session with Sandra, which holds true to me today.....

An angel was sent
I found her
She set me on a path of love, acceptance, strength, hope
and no fear for the future
Bless you, Sandra

During these sessions, Sandra would work with one of my guides from a past life.  This was a Red Indian medicine woman who would offer words of wisdom.  Sandra would say there were Pine Trees, Eagle feathers and an Eagle flying when the medicine woman was present.  A couple of days after my treatment with Sandra.  I was relaxing and had a vision come into my mind of a Red Indian woman with a horse.  She was wearing a necklace with distinctive beads (red). So I did some research and found the following:

(from Wikipedia) Venetian glass seeds beads and agate were introduced in great numbers by Russian traders in the late 18th century, as part of the fur trade. Red and amber were the most popular colours used by the Native Americans of the North West Coast.

(from Google) The Haida Nation tribe and the Tsimshian Tribe both had Eagle Clans. Both traded with Russian traders during that time and were based in the Cedar forests in British Columbia. The Tsimshian migrated from Alaska after a series of disasters from a cursed land.

How amazing is that!!

Sandra has pointed me to a journey of discovery and now I've calmly and positively taken the steps to motherhood.  I have decided to go down the IVF route, feeling that early monitoring and medication from the clinic may help. Sandra gave me some wonderful advice and things to think about to keep me focus during the IVF treatment, so far the treatment is going very well.
G.C. – Sevenoaks

I love visiting Sandra at her practice as she always makes me feel so welcome and at ease. Her place of work is so clean and relaxing that I come out feeling a wellness about me even though it is normally only waxing that I am having. I love how caring and kind Sandra is and would not go anywhere else. I have been going for 9 years now and feel like Sandra is such a special person, it would not be the same going anywhere else. Kind, caring and happy - she makes everyone feel better.
V.G. – Wadhurst

I have been having waxes and pedicures from Sandra for a number of years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The treatments are great and I’ve found Sandra to be nothing more than professional and friendly during the sessions. I’ve also had both the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap and the UltraVisage Face & Body Contouring treatment. Both these treatments worked and made me feel really good about myself.

I recently had a SuperConnection session with Sandra. As I’m the world’s biggest cynic when it comes to anything like this I was not expecting anything to happen or for it to make any changes in me – I thought it was a load of mumbo-jumbo! How wrong could I be? The days following the session I noticed a change in how I viewed different things, I was calmer, not so easy to lose my temper and thought about others more than usual – surprisingly to me these feelings continued. My husband noticed the positive changes in me too. This has helped me deal with my day to day life in a much more composed manner.

I cannot recommend Sandra and her treatments highly enough.

S.S. - Tunbridge Wells

I have been receiving various treatment from Sandra for nearly 2 years. 

When I first met Sandra I was not sure what treatment I wanted I just knew I had to be at the Holistic Centre. Sandra spent some time with me to discuss the various treatments she covered. Sandra is the most kindest, approachable, unconditional and understanding therapist I have ever met who only has the individual’s best [interests] at heart.

I used to suffer with depression and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder due to low self-esteem, self-doubts and negative self beliefs, that I either created through life experience or inherited from childhood which clouded me and I was limiting myself from living my life, the life I always wanted.

I have personally received a number of therapies from Sandra including aromatherapy massages, spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, spiritual restructuring (SpR), spiritual response therapy (SRT) and it has produced amazing results. I had to be very open minded and I am so pleased that I was, as I am now the best part of myself, the part I always thought I could be. I am now confident, happy and living my truth.

Sandra also shares her wisdom and guidance by teaching and running workshops such as Spiritual and Self Awareness Courses which I have attended that I could not recommend enough. Life is a constant change and throws many challenges in everyone’s way whether mentally, physically or emotionally, and when things become overwhelming Sandra is always available to talk to, listen, heal or guide. If you want the truth, take the course; you will not regret it.

Sandra treats holistically which means she works with what the individual needs in the present moment and treats her clients uniquely, since that is what we all are - no one way works the same for everyone.

These are some of the reasons I continue to have treatments with Sandra. She to me is more like my friend now than a therapist.  Sandra’s healing has assisted me to trust in myself and how to give myself unconditional love. 

S.A. – Tonbridge

I have been visiting Sandra since 2005. Sandra always puts me at ease and has only ever recommended treatments that I need. She is extremely experienced and competent in her role and I have seen great results with my skin knowing that she will only use the most effective products. I have tried a range of treatments, facials, massages and most recently the BioSurface Peel. Initially I was unsure about this new treatment but once I had done my first session I was thrilled with the results. I thought of it as another facial and I have received many compliments from friends and family about the smoothness of my skin and how my overall complexion has improved. Sandra has a natural way of making you feel at ease during appointments and I feel I have definitely benefited from her "healing hands" over the last 10 years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sandra as she is a fantastic therapist who demonstrates that her clients are at the heart of what she does which is why I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Tunbridge Wells!!

R.L. – Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells

My doctor’s surgery refused to give me an appointment to have my blocked left ear syringed when my hearing had been impaired for a couple of months, despite frequent use of drops which had been the recommended remedy. On mentioning this to my dentist he said that one of his assistants was a strong supporter of Hopi ear candling and it might be worth a try. This was how I found Sandra. 

Although I was slightly apprehensive at first as to what to expect (as some 'do-it-yourself' reports on the internet are not in favour), the treatment in itself was safe, relaxing and a pleasant experience under Sandra's personal vigilance. Positive results appeared after the second session as the large amount of wax was so hard, dark and impacted and taking its time to be extracted. It seemed as if the surgery prescribed drops had been running round the problem!

Sandra has great sensitivity to her clients’ state of mind and I have realised that her suggestion to listen to what is going on in your body is a good policy. Since then I have returned for ear candling at varying intervals whenever I felt that the cleansing and unblocking effect would help - with positive results every time. Along with my dentist’s assistant, I would recommend it to anyone to try and see for themselves. 

C.P. – Tunbridge Wells

Had a lovely facial with Sandra who always adapts the treatments to suit my skin. Would recommend her to anyone I have always been happy with the service I receive here.

C.S. – Tunbridge Wells

I come to [see Sandra] at least once a month for facial, waxing and gel nails.  Sandra is very professional and the beauty therapy room is very clean, makes you feel relaxed immediately. When Sandra mentioned about the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap and how it works I got really excited and booked myself for sessions. The idea of wrapping your body in a 'cling film-like plastic' makes you think whether it will work or will you be comfortable in it. But I remember when I had my first treatment, while waiting for it to work on your body, I felt relaxed and managed to have a nap. You can feel that it’s working right after and even days after you had it done. The effect is amazing, I dropped a jeans size from 8 to 6 with the right diet and exercise, it really works.

R.M. – Tunbridge Wells

Having recently received an aromatherapy massage from Sandra, which was a lovely, relaxing experience, I was intrigued by another of Sandra's treatments called SuperConnection. I researched it on the website she recommended and booked up for a session with Sandra. The whole experience was completely fascinating! Sandra is a very experienced therapist and she put me completely at ease during the session, working with me throughout to ensure I fully understood her findings. The issues highlighted regarding the here and now were not what I was expecting but enabled me to see my life and the issues within from a completely new perspective. Sandra touched on a past life as well, which I found fascinating. I found the whole experience empowering and uplifting. It assisted me to completely re-focus on what is important in life and totally re-energised me. I came away from one session with a more positive attitude and with a stronger belief in myself and my ability to cope with life.

Sandra is very passionate about her work and is incredibly knowledgeable about her spiritual beliefs, having practiced for many years. She puts you completely at ease during her treatments and the environment she works in enhances the overall experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend SuperConnection to anyone who is considering it. Put any concerns to one side and allow yourself to experience a thoroughly enjoyable treatment, which will leave you feeling refreshed, enlightened and re-focused.  

S.M. - Lamberhurst

I have been going to healing with Sandra for several years now. It gives me balance and guidance. It provides me with perspective in a busy world and enables me to connect with my wider spiritual self. It is invaluable and Sandra is superb. 

I experienced SuperConnection with Sandra for the first time recently. It was a transforming experience. Sandra was able to find the surprising root cause of many issues and provide spiritual clearing immediately. The change has been wonderful.

B.B. – Hawkhurst

I really valued my aroma massage. I have been to many spas, therapy rooms and had many massages but the difference with the Holistic Health Centre is I felt Sandra pour herself and her energy into the massage to meet my needs. This is unlike the massages I have had at the majority of the beauty therapy type locations or chain spas where the therapists stick to their trained set massage pattern and count. I was left feeling fully relaxed (having fallen sign of a good massage) but also with my batteries recharged.

L.W. - London

Sandra is truly one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. As soon as you walk into, wherever Sandra is, you instantly feel a warm, safe and loving energy. Her presence is truly magical. She lights up a room with her smile and just pours out love from every cell of her body. Her loyalty is second to none. Sandra will not give up on anything or anyone until a job is done whether that’s helping a family member, friend, neighbour or someone she’s never met. Her compassion for each individual need is beautiful. 

Sandra means the absolute world to me. My love and respect for Sandra is second to none and I hold her very deep in my heart. She reminds me of an angel walking the earth. She has helped me in so many ways and never asks for nothing in return and for that I cannot thank Sandra enough for being one of the most beautiful souls that I’ve ever crossed paths with.

E.E. - Etchingham

How do I see you and the Centre you have created:

Very kind and caring – sensing the needs of people coming in and fully focusing on them. Remember the young man sitting in the entrance area after a healing session and feeling completely lost/scared? You went over to him to help him make sense of what happened. How much more kind and caring can you be? And what about your ability to find a completely 'new door' for him?

Very busy – especially lately, seeing you very speedily walking and organising desks, rooms, people, phone, family, life…multi-tasking at the high end of the spectrum.

Very professional and knowledgeable – setting high standards regarding the atmosphere within the Centre, communication and courtesy of the staff, dealing with any sort of contact (phone, requests) very promptly. Standard of treatment is very high making me feel very well cared for. Being able to adjust to my needs very quickly.

Able to invite a range of interesting and colourful companions and people around you which makes the Centre very interesting. Sometimes, I do need a bit of time to tune into the atmosphere – especially after having a 'normal' day in the 'outside world' and then coming into the 'colours of the Centre'.

The Centre is run as a professional business with clear guidelines and standards.

I would not know where I would be now if I had been without your healing and spiritual ability. You have opened so many doors and opportunities for me. I continue to be most amazed and in wonder. Thank you.

E.W. – Tonbridge

The first time I noticed Sandra she had a beaming smile of warmth and light. In the years I have come to know her she has always shown kindness, honesty, integrity, gentleness, combined with strength, understanding and warmth. Sandra is a very special person.

J.M -