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Ancient Practice

The first in our - 3 part series of workshops

A series of workshops designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Learn ancient practices to unlock a wealth of insight and wisdom and create an aligned and awakened future. 

Intuition and Psychic Awareness Workshop

Designed for Beginners

The beginners workshop is designed to create a firm foundation to grow and blossom.


What you will learn:

Learn ancient practices to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities. We will explore different aspects of self to learn how to better align with your body, mind, and soul. Teaching include: 

Connection with Self 

Ways in which you receive information.

How to read and translate the messages you receive.

Learning to trust yourself and your insights.

The importance of holding intention, self-responsibility and etiquette.

Environmental awareness

Why environmental challenges can hold you back.

Learn to create a happier flowing environment to live in.

How highly sensitive souls become triggered.


The importance of being you

Learn healthy and practical skills to apply in your daily life.

Finding the courage to respect yourself, your values and set clear boundaries.

Notice what life teaches you, through your senses.

Workshop 1 takes place on

Sunday 24th September 2023  

10am - 5pm

Cost £60 ​

(Deposit £40 today to save your seat, remaining sum to be paid in person on the day)

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You will find all the information in the link below

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