Looking after your spiritual self in three simple steps …

Have you ever asked yourself, what does leading a spiritual life mean?

Think about a time in your life when you did some deep soul searching? It may have been when a loved one passed away, or when you needed some answers to a deep life question, or you may have asked yourself the question as I did … I feel like I don’t fit in, why am I so different to the rest of my family? These things can leave us feeling lost or confused, shut out in the cold, unloved or uncared for.

This is when we start to question - who am I? what am I doing here? how do I go on from here? It is at this point we can start to grow into the beautiful people WE KNOW we are as we learn to break through the adversities. Some of us have already mastered this ability, some of us haven’t ... if you find yourself wishing to learn more or need a gentle trusting hand to guide you then ...

Daily Love

YOU are the best

Y our feelings show you what is right for you

O pen to listening from within

U nderstanding yourself and your needs

Today start with YOU.

Other people may say they know how you feel or what you’re thinking … the TRUTH is they don’t. They can empathise through having similar experiences as you, but two experiences are never the same. Although their intention may be caring, the only person that truly knows how you feel and what you think is YOU.

Be open to listening to how you feel …

Notice things like:

  • Are you calm?
  • Is there lots going on in your mind?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you confident?
  • Are there areas in your body that are holding on to tension? etc. …

Ask yourself:

  • What do I realistically need to help me be the best version of myself?

Maybe you choose to join a group of likeminded people; or change your daily routine to work best for you. It really is about what makes you happy.

Daily Giving

Choose to listen NOW

N otice how blessed you are

O ffer up your love

W ith kindness you shine

Every day we naturally give out to those around us without question.

NOW it’s your turn to give yourself something … a little bit of time and attention. Focus on you. How much value do you give yourself for all that you achieve in a day?

Notice things like:

  • How often are you giving yourself the respect you deserve?
  • How often are you fair and true to your needs?
  • How often are you given a helping hand?
  • How often are you being pampered?

Give yourself some well-earned praise, feel that deep inner infectious smile of pure achievement come rising up to the surface with pride, as it shines for all to see.

Well done!

Your confidence will grow daily as you work with the NOW method – you become the happy magnet people love to connect with.

Daily Prayers

IAM asking for me

I ask the Angels to watch over me

A m I aligned to the flow of life

M aster the art of silence

We all live a life … have you ever asked yourself where you are living it from?

Some may live outside of themselves, what I mean by this is … your attention is placed on things/people/places outside of you; others may live it from within by placing their focus and attention on themselves.

Before helping others, we first must help ourselves.

This is achieved by mastering the art of being silent - to listen to the flow of energy you are constantly connected to. You can do this by:

  • focusing on the natural flow of your own breath and its rhythm as it ebbs and flows
  • then listen to what you are experiencing through your senses

As an example: are you energetically in flow with what your body is taking on board, via your environment?

Did you know that you are the creators of your environment?

What you think, feel, say and do, all affect your energy, body, aura, each other, your homes, etc.

Open your mind a little more and trust that there are beings of love and light waiting for you to ask them for assistance, guidance and support.

Your daily prayer might go something like this:

I am connected to Mother Earth.
I am connected to my body.
I am connected to my soul.

I ask through my IAM presence (soul) for all the angels of light to watch over me.
I ask for your loving energy to surround me each day.
I ask that you guide me to always be loving and kind.

I listen for your daily guidance.
I listen to the direction that feels right for me.
I listen to the love that you send me every day.

For those of you who wish to master the art in listening, understanding and practising how to live in flow in your life, I hold a weekly spiritual class that you can come along to.

For some of you that prefer guided meditation … these are coming soon.


Click here to browse through sessions which help look after your spiritual self. This is also the place for my on-line booking facility. For the Weekly Spiritual Practice Classes, if you find that the date(s) you wish to attend are unavailable, please call Sandra directly.