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Master Your Energy

The flow of energy shapes our experience of the world. It affects physical wellbeing, mental awareness, home, work, relationships and more. The key to mastering this energy is balance, self awareness and trust.

In these monthly classes I will use a supportive and heart-centred approach to gently guide students to align and find joy and balance in body, mind and spirit.

Topics will include:

- Daily practices for optimum health 

- How to stand in your own power

- Creating ‘flow’ in your life 

- Mastering your senses 

- Creating a healthy mindset 

This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to connect and master energy with simple and practical steps that support health and wellbeing. 

Who can attend?

These classes are perfect for anyone who is ready to commit to learning more about holistic practices, from complete beginners to those with experience of energy work including healers, yoga teachers and therapists.

How often are the classes held
These monthly classes are aligned with the lunar cycle and will take place on Thursday evenings from
7pm - 8.30pm starting from 23rd March 2023.

Where are the classes held
Scotts, Delarue Close, Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge, Kent. TN11 9NN

How to book

Places are first come, first served and can be booked in advance via the booking link below.

If the date you wish to attend is unavailable, please call me on 07506 772 100​

What do I need to bring?
I encourage you to bring a notepad, pen, bottle of water and a blanket or warm jumper. 

Getting to know me as your teacher

I am a therapist and coach with a career spanning 25+ years' in health and wellbeing.
A gifted intuitive, I offer healing and teaching designed to enlighten and honour the unique needs of each soul. ​I have worked with Spirit since childhood. What started as an electrical spark at the age of 6, transformed into a rich and deep connection with the Spiritual realm. I now harness this gift to support others to connect with their inner light and live a healthier and happier life.


Subjects to Explore


We will look at the body and the importance of keeping a good healthy balance between the different internal and external systems.

How each one can work at its optimum daily function with a good routine that suits you and your lifestyle.

Yoga at Home

We will explore and practise how to keep a good healthy outlook, by creating a state of mind that serves you.

How to change some of the old beliefs and habitual patterns of thinking and why they may no longer work for you.


We will gain a better understanding of our connection to spiritual energy by mastering our senses.

Ways in which we use our healing abilities.

How we can take responsibility for our energy hygiene and vibration.

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