... of intrigue, insight and intuition

Working with Spirit has been a challenging journey throughout my life. Making choices that I know to be my spiritual truth did not always align me to my physical life.

Being shown by Spirit how to work with energy and what was needed for a seamless flow, and how to change the flow when it became disrupted, has taken me persistent practice and lots of patience.

This led me into a world of childhood adventures with my Spirit Guide, from connecting to the elemental kingdom and the nature spirits, to whizzing off into the universe meeting other spiritual and highly evolved beings; there are many stories I share with you in my teachings.

There was also the little matter of my own life lessons that were to be experienced. Staying true to myself, got me into a lot of situations that I had to master for myself.

With each physical challenge … I began to grow spiritually ...

I am so happy to share my knowledge and wisdom, by helping, you to learn to trust your own inner ability as you connect and grow too.

When you ask yourself …
Can I really change my situation?
I would say to you …
Yes, you hold the potential to change your life. 
You then ask ...
What if I get it wrong?
I then respond to you ...
Whatever you choose, will always be the right way for you.

With love from

One Beautiful Soul to Another

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