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My Philosophy 

I am a therapist and coach with a career spanning 25+ years' in health and wellbeing. A gifted intuitive, I offer healing and teaching designed to enlighten and honour the unique needs of each soul.   

I have worked with Spirit since childhood. What started as an electrical spark at the age of 6, transformed into a rich and deep connection with the Spiritual realm. I now harness this gift to support others to connect with their inner light and live a healthier and happier life. 

Buddha Statue

"It is my purpose in life to support others in their spiritual journey. This requires courage, hope, determination and a little faith - but that's what makes it an adventure."

~ Sandra Beale ~

Success stories 

Getting pregnant 

"I first met Sandra after suffering a number of pregnancy losses. At that time I felt pretty beaten and frightened of becoming pregnant. I attended healing sessions to heal past lives and ancestral paths that prevented me from becoming a mother. I felt safe during these sessions and I felt better straight away. Sandra has pointed me to a journey of discovery and I have taken positive steps to motherhood." Gemma

Overcoming Anxiety 

"I started working with Sandra to support me with depression and a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Years of low self esteem and self doubt prevented me from living a full and happy life. Sandra is a kind, approachable, and understanding therapist. Her healing has helped me to enjoy my life, to trust myself, to love myself and others. I am now confident, happy and living my truth." Samantha.

Energised and Enlightened 

"The whole experience was completely fascinating!  After one session, I had a more positive attitude and belief in myself and my ability to cope with life. I was able to re-focus on what is important in my life and I felt totally re-energised." Sue

Finding Balance in a Busy World

"I have been working with Sandra for several years. Her healing treatments provide me with perspective in a busy world and enable me to connect with my spiritual self. It is invaluable and Sandra is superb. The energy work was a transforming experience. Sandra was able to find the surprising root cause of many issues and provide spiritual clearing immediately. The change has been wonderful." Bonita

Opening up opportunities 

"I would not know where I would be now if I had been without your healing and spiritual ability. You have opened so many doors and opportunities for me. I continue to be most amazed and in wonder. Thank you.Elle

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